New Year, New Goals

What's up folks and fellow artist's! Just making a quick blog post for the first time in a whole year lol. I'll make it quick and simple. First off, I have a lot planned for the new year in hopes to improve my craft throughout all areas of my art. Everything from my abstract work, to even starting to get into creating comics and animation. I know I post a lot of abstract designs, which is what I truly enjoy doing for the sake of puttting my work out there, but I have been wanting to create more featured content for the longest time now.

I'm currently in the works of finishing up my latest animation, which is a compiled music video for my friends band featuring guitarist Aaron Fincke from the band you may know as "Breaking Benjamin". This has been ongoing for nearly 6 months now and I've been lucky enough to have 2 talented animators help me with the production. After the video is complete and ready for your viewing pleasure, I will be unleashing my fullest potential for producing content!

I will be creating more animations, more comics, and of course...more art. I know I don't have much fans, but maybe someone will spend the couple of minutes to read this and be glad to know what's in store for the new year. Lastly I will be relasing a wesbite so that all my content can easily be viewed within one link. As I'm sure you are all aware, I'm more than glad to help a fellow artist with any projects or collaborations they might like to work on. This being said, don't be a stranger! Send me a message and I'll always have a friendly reply. Anyway...I guess this wasn't as quick and simple as I had planned, but it's basically the latest Minty Fresh update for all that may care to know lol.

Thanks guys! Cheers to a new year and a fresh start. Keep on creating