Roles of an artist in Today's Society

I live by the mantra of "Procrastination is opportunities natural assassin"...and it's true. As artists, we play a vital role in our world to inspire and create. Everything around us has basically been designed by an artist of some degree, and yet it amazes me how much work and dedication it takes to become a well developed artist. Iv'e had people tell me that being an artist isn't a real job, but I believe it's much more than that!

So the role of an artist in today's society is very crucial in defining who we are as humans as well as the technology we create. Although I feel like a big majority of artists nowadays will follow trends just to please a certain crowd. I don't believe in that. I believe that we should follow our own true passion. Nowadays, we literally have museums that display modern art as pieces of garbage. And I'm not calling it garbage, it's literally a trash can in a corner or a brick on the floor.. We can classify anything as art now, but I digress.

We need to stick to our creative instincts and be innovative and triumphant. We live in a new age full of wonder and technology, but we lack in so many areas that will become our downfall. There are still great artists out there though, we just need to recognize them and be inspired to create what our own passion emanates.