Keepin' It Fresh

What'sup folks!? Minty here with another fresh blog post. Figured I would go ahead and give some updates on various things going on at the moment for anyone who is interested...

So to start off, we have big plans for the future in terms of designs and collaborations. I have recently gotten a great opportunity to supply Wonderland Smoke Shop, which is a chain located throughout NJ. I created the logo for them in 2014, which is all over their buildings and merch...but sadly it was only a competition at the time. Since then, I have recently been contacted in an effort to collaborate on some hot apparel designs to be sold throughout their locations! Very much looking forward to it, as this will be an excellent starting point for the business!

So let's talk more about our plans and what we can do for you! Minty Fresh Thoughts as you may know, is an entertaining multimedia publishing production. "Entertain Your Brain" is our motto. At the moment though, the production is basically being run by one person...that's right. Me! So this makes it difficult to keep up with various art commissions, but I strive to provide exceptional work whenever possible. Recently I have been able to collaborate with some very talented artists who have been a tremendous help as well as great for cross promoting. Keep an eye out for more collabs and feel free to contact me if you feel like working on a project! So what can we do for you?...

Well, at the moment I can handle clients in terms of design work and an occasional animation or song. We plan on growing our team and dedicating our talents to inspire others and unleash their inner creativity. With the help of Wonderland and others who support, we can see our business grow and succeed in wondrous ways. Not just for our benefit, but for all of us who think and share alike!

So if you're a talented artist and is willing to collaborate, I assure you this will be an excellent opportunity! Unleash your creative potential and be one with you inner "Minty Fresh Thoughts"!! Moving forward we will see more art, music, animations, and Minty Fresh Products for all to enjoy and enlighten.

Until then, check back for the latest updates...and as always, stay Minty Fresh!!!