Keep Calm and Stay Minty

Whatsup people?! Minty here with another update. First off, I would like to mention that all of my hard work has finally paid off (literally)...with a new PC upgrade. A much needed upgrade in technology means more art and other goodies! Not trying to pump out art with losing quality, this just means no headaches in the process of my creative ideas.

With spring finally upon us, it's about time for some sunshine to lift our spirits and motivate me to create some Fresh art and challenge myself to take on some new projects. Nothing like a Fresh breathe of air and some inspiration eh? So with that said, I hope to find a way to introduce some new techniques and other elements into my art throughout the months ahead.

Iv'e also been contemplating a shop redesign and offering some more variety with products. Maybe I should create a survey to get a feel of what people would like to see....maybe even offer a prize to along with it!? Anyway, I'm working hard, but finding time to create whenever possible. I create for my personal enjoyment, but I also create for you guys as well! I want to move forward with everything I have and give it my all.

Life is always throwing unnecessary obstacles in the way, but I always remember to keep calm and stay Minty. So if there's anyone out there...I would love to hear from you guys on any suggestions you would like to see throughout my work! Any art, music, or animation ideas...go ahead and comment! Have a shirt idea? Send me a message and I'll be happy to reply!

Thanks guys, this is just another quick update...stay tuned for more. Until then, keep calm and stay Minty!