Inktober 2018 & Other news!

Many thanks to Newgrounds and fans for awarding me the Inktober prize 2018! It's an honer especially considering that this was my first ever Inktober! Iv'e been managing to work around my busy schedule to make a few sketches here and there, but it's been worth it.

In other news, those who have been following me will see a couple of new projects starting 2019. (art, animations, merch etc.) I'll also be setting up some booths at conventions and trade shows (IL or Chicago), so I hope to see you there! Iv'e also saved up some cash to buy some new printing equipment to aid in the production of Shirts & posters! What does this mean? Well... it means that I'll be awarding some fresh merch for those who care to enter in a giveaway!

So be sure to check back for the latest content and updates and be on the lookout for some giveaways!

Keepin' it Fresh one day at a time!

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