Whatsup guys!? Hope everyone is having a good 2019 so far! :)

Just a quick update for anyone interested in knowing the Minty Fresh Scoop...mmm (the green chocolate chip kind) ANY-WAYYY!... I've managed to rev up a first design using a heat press method and I now understand what I'll need to get some merch flowing.

Of course, I also would like to continue working on art, animation, and music as always! There's just so little time especially when working a full time job. I'm strongly considering setting up a Patreon with exclusive offers for supporters! Let me know what your guys thoughts on that are! I know a lot of artists do it...it seems to cliche and I honestly hate asking for money from anyone ever...I seriously never do it! ... But its gotten to the point that I need some support to make things happen. #LIFE-STRUGGLES

This being said, what you guys can expect for the upcoming months will be more random art, music, maybe animation?... (that's a whole other story in itself) .

So yeah! Would you guys consider supporting a hard working self taught artist? I promise to deliver quality material whenever possible..if I haven proven that yet. I accomplished a lot so far, but not NEARLY as much as I know I could give!

So this is where I'm at... this is what to expect (for now).

Until then, peace out!...Everyone and anyone reading this...(as it echos into the shadowy abyss)